Final Thoughts

Thank you for coming this far with me. I know that battling guilt isn't easy. It brings with it so many other emotions, we wonder if we're being selfish by ridding ourselves of guilt. It's guilt that makes us ponder this question.

My beliefs are strong and they've helped me tremendously. I don't expect you to believe as I do. If you are feeling guilty about the circumstances surrounding the loss of your pet, my only hope is that no matter what your beliefs, you will look into your heart and see that you deserve forgiveness.

Someday we'll all cross that threshold to the other side and see things in a way we never imagined. We'll realize that holding a grudge against ourselves or someone else is not time well spent. We'll recognize that guilt serves no purpose in grief and that forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves and others.

More than anything else we'll know true love and when we once again look into the eyes of our beloved animal companion we'll understand that good bye doesn't mean forever.

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