The Lesson

"So what you're saying is that animals leave this earth via accidents or illness just to teach a lesson?"

"Of course not. Animals, like people, come into our lives to share and help us grow. Animals share with us their special brand of love and they try to teach us to recognize this love and emulate it as best we can. They don't care about our political affiliation, religious denomination, job description or whether we drink out of the milk carton when no one is looking. Their love proves that the labels WE apply to each other don't matter. What matters is love."

"Oh please."

"Our animal friends possess a love that knows no limits and holds no prejudice, it is the same love that is experienced on the other side. This love encourages us to forgive ourselves even when we make certain choices or mistakes. Neither here nor on the other side do they blame us or hold a grudge because they don't know how! They know only how to love. Because our mistakes or choices bother us we think we don't deserve forgiveness but this doesn't mean we're right. Judging ourselves is false judgment."

"Aw c'mon. People WANT to feel guilty because to do otherwise would make them feel irresponsible."

"Do you know what's really irresponsible? Allowing guilt to override spiritual support. We will never have relief from the pain if we don't shift our focus. 

"Aye carumba!"

"Grief stifles, guilt suffocates. If we don't learn to think differently about who are we'll feel guilty forever. Our animals love us and being on the other side in a place of pure love they obviously know something we don't. If they KNOW we're deserving of such love then when are we going to take their cue and show love to ourselves? If we can do that we can forgive ourselves."

"And where does that leave me?"

"Pretty much out in the cold."

"I can't believe you're going to go on without me. I can make your grief and anguish go on forever if you give me the power."

"I've made the choice to let you go. I need to reconnect with my girl and I can't do that with you in the way. I know in my heart that she's alive and well. I'd love to have her back with me physically but since I can't I choose to accept all the possibilities and be with her mentally and spiritually. I've removed YOU, the barrier of guilt, and this has opened the way for her to connect with me."

"Okay smarty pants, how do you just remove me?"

"I simply choose to let you go. I choose to believe what my heart tells me is true. I choose to acknowledge the other side of life, the one I can't see with earthly eyes. I choose to accept and receive Misty's messages and visits and share them with others regardless of how they may react. I believe in life on the other side and I believe in a love stronger than any I can describe with words. Misty has proven to me that she loves me and is with me always. She has shown me that this is the way of ALL animals that have gone on ahead of us. Their never ending love for us contains all the strength we need to break down the barriers of guilt."

Final Thoughts


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