Christmas Poems

A Christmas Wish
(by Terri Onorato)

Lights are glowing softly
on the lush, green Christmas tree
and candles burn with lively flames
dancing just for me.

The house is oh so quiet
as my loved ones slumber deep.
It gives me pause to think of you
before I go to sleep.

I remember your first Christmas,
you were new and quite confused.
You concluded that it had to be,
each gift was meant for you.

I smile and recall fondly
how you humored me and wore
those silly reindeer antlers
that I found at the pet store.

But my favorite Christmas memory
that holds steadfast and true,
is the kiss you placed upon my cheek
when I said, "I love you."

My deepest wish this Christmas
your first one at Rainbow Bridge,
is you're happy and content and safe
with all the precious bridge kids.

When Christmas morning dawns so bright
my first thought will be of you,
and right away I'll know
that you are thinking of me too.

Enjoy Christmas in Heaven,
you are home where you belong.
Merry Christmas from us both,
we love you always - Dad and Mom.


Angel Harps
(by Terri Onorato)

Last night I saw you in my dreams
a brilliant light engulfed your soul
and through my sleepy reverie
a glorious message did unfold.

The voice was that of angel harps
as you told me of the way
in which the bridge kids celebrate
this extraordinary day.

A radiant warmth ran through me
when you tenderly detailed
a special place I'd never been
where splendid love prevails.

You told me how the bridge kids
hold their paws and pray
for peace on earth, goodwill toward men
on this special, holy day.

Each bridge kid makes a heartfelt wish
to the Keeper of the stars,
they wish each stray a new-found home
without concrete floors and bars.

They ask that every homeless one
the Keeper not forget
for each one has the soul to be
a loyal, loving pet.

I watch you drift away from me
as in early dawn I find
the spirit of your message
still vivid in my mind.

I hold the message near my heart
and with a smile I hear
a lullaby of angel harps
singing in my ear.



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