As told by Luci Onorato

Ma opened the package holding my music box and caught her breath. Never had she seen anything so beautiful nor so telling. From the hand-painted scene on my music box {and a few laughs and giggles along the way} I was finally able to share the beauty of where Bridgekids go when our earthly bodies grow weary and weak. A thousand human words cannot describe Heaven's castle...but a Bridgekid can.

Heaven's Castle
(Terri & Luci Onorato)

High above the brilliant sun
a castle lies in wait
for every soul that angels bring
to Heaven's holy gate.

Footprints mark new spirits
who appeared the night before
and walked a golden pathway
leading to the castle door.

This trail entwines through gardens
where vivacious cherubs live,
and stardust ponds illuminate
the path 'cross Rainbow Bridge.

And where the Bridge and castle join
absorbed in candle glow,
the door stands proud to welcome those
who've made their journey Home.

This door is always open
and a gentle breeze runs through,
no lock prohibits entry,
and no curtain blocks the view.

Teddy bears adorn the clouds
where Bridgekids often sleep,
spent from days of happy play
and doing good Bridge deeds.

Praising wondrous rebirth
from the castle up above
the spirits and our Bridgekids
unite in holy love.

And when our time on earth is done
they'll meet us at the gate
and guide us over Rainbow Bridge
where Heaven's castle waits.

Rainbow Bridge is not a tall tale or a figment of someone's imagination. Rainbow Bridge truly is "just this side of Heaven." Our earthly bodies may grow tired and give out but the purest part of us, the part with which you fell in love, never dies. You did not fall in love with our looks nor the way we tilt our head when we listen attentively. You did not fall in love with our big eyes or our quirky little ways. fell in love with our spirit, glorious in all its purity, and the rest was simply an added physical bonus. The part of us that is most important is alive and well at Rainbow Bridge where we wait at Heaven's castle until you join us once more.

Pssst...if this wasn't enough to convince you, perhaps you should ask my ma and dad about a little greyhound they met the other day at the annual greyhound reunion. Her name...Lucy Diamonds.


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