As told by Luci Onorato

It was a lot of work for Aunt Mattie, Uncle Don and the people at the store {who are my adopted Aunts and Uncles}, Lenny, Cindy and Sherri. They kept in touch with ma and dad so all the details could be worked out. Uncle Don measured my music box and ma measured the tomb and they were pretty sure my cremains would fit in the music box as well as on my shelf. Everyone made sure the music box I picked out was just right which entailed a minor adjustment to the music. I insisted the music be changed. I wanted "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" but this was not a selection the music box makers offered. Well, it was now.

Ma and Aunt Mattie were burning up the phone lines trying to get prepared for the shipment of my music box. I was giggling all over myself watching those two sweat it out. {Contrary to popular belief, Bridgekids do indeed giggle!} Everything was all set, or so Aunt Mattie and Uncle Don thought. They went to the music box store, checked the box all over, listened to the music and and took it home. Everything was *not* all set because I was having too much fun! So I did what any mischievious Bridgekid would do. I threw a wrench in the whole shabang. Aunt Mattie decided to listen to the music one more time before packing it to ship to ma. I didn't particularly like the way the music sounded so I stuck my paw in the box. Oh you should have seen Aunt Mattie's face when she heard the terrible noise it made! So it was back to the music box store for Aunt Mattie and Uncle Don.

Things were really starting to heat up, the human stress level is pretty high at times like these, but eventually the box was ready. The moment of truth had arrived and it was time to send my music box to ma and dad via Federal Express. Aunt Mattie and Uncle Don made one last trip to the music box store with a couple of "just do it" stops on the way back for a few things to put inside the box for ma. The next day Aunt Mattie and Uncle Don went to the Federal Express place and sent my box on its way, complete with FedEx tracking. The box was to arrive at our house at 10:30am on Thursday. Finally ma and dad were going to see that I was indeed alright and get a glimpse of what Heaven's castle is really all about. They knew my music box was special but they really had no idea how special...they were about to find out. All in good time of course.

Ma and dad were nervous, they hadn't seen the music box yet. What if they didn't like it? What if they'd measured wrong and my cremains wouldn't fit? Worse yet, what if my box got LOST enroute? This was more fun than I ever could have imagined! Traveling from point A to point B can be quite an adventure and by the time I'd followed the music box to Maryland I was ready for a good laugh. So I did what any Bridgekid does when they're looking for some action. I hijacked the FedEx man.

Thursday morning ma was pacing the floor trying not to worry about my music box. Around 10:15am she went outside for a minute and when she went to come back in she found a card hanging from the door knob. Her heart sank...the colors were so familiar. They were FedEx colors and the note said, "Sorry we missed you." How could this be? Ma hadn't left the house except for going outside for just a moment. She had all the windows open so she would hear the truck pull up out front. How did this happen? Ma nearly broke her leg trying to get inside to the phone so she could call the number on the card. Let me tell you, it was a hoot! While ma was waiting on hold so she could talk to someone at FedEx she asks me, "Oh Luci! Why now? What are we going to tell Aunt Mattie? Don't do this to me Luci!"

Finally a nice woman took the call and ma explained that she HAD to have that package! The woman was very nice {and very calm compared to my ma} and she told ma she would have the FedEx delivery man come back to the house with her package. In the meantime ma is trying to figure out how to explain to Aunt Mattie that I'd hijacked the FedEx guy. Poor Aunt Mattie, she was so sure that Thursday morning was going to be nice and peaceful. But I was having a darn good giggle watching ma pace the floor in one state while Aunt Mattie and Uncle Don were in another, calling the FedEx tracking office every fifteen minutes trying to determine what I'd done with their delivery man.

A couple of hours later the truck pulled up out front. I really thought ma was going to knock the FedEx guy flat on his buns in her haste to get the music box. She asked him why he didn't knock or honk the horn when he'd tried to deliver the package the first time. Looking kind of blank he pointed to the sign on our door that says "NO soliciting of ANY kind...this means YOU!" Not wanting to be rude, ma chose not to remind him that he is the FedEx guy and he wasn't soliciting. She also noticed he appeared to have been eating something and when she got the package inside she said to me, "Leave it to you Lucille to hijack the FedEx man for a burger and fries."

As ma began to open the package everything changed. What she was about to discover would forever alter her her view of my passing on to Rainbow Bridge.


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