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Death is not the extinguishing of the light... it is the
putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come.

(Quote by Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore)

Misty Blue
Tivoli Blue Mist - 10/21/90 - 8/19/96

Misty Blue D

The angels opened their arms wide and in heavenly harmony
sang "Welcome home sweet Misty Blue, welcome home."

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In the grips of our worst pain lies the truth and purity of our greatest love. Without a doubt losing our animal companions is intensely painful. For many grieving hearts there is no one to lean on. This is one of the many reasons why I've created this website, to offer others what was so freely given to me when I needed it most...support and understanding.

Misty Blue is ultimately responsible for the poetry on this page. These are her words, I am merely the messenger. My own words will never be enough to describe the relationship that I had with this retired racing greyhound nor can they express the very deep emotional bond that we continue to share. Misty's words carry a wonderful message of unconditional love and devotion. It is an honor and a privilege to share with you these words and her legacy of pure love. This is one dance I would not have missed for the world.

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How many angels are there? One--who transforms our life--is plenty.
(Traditional saying)

Angel In The Sky
(Terri Onorato)

There is a star in Heaven
and on it is a place,
that's been reserved for you since birth
a place meant for your name.

This star has watched you through the years
but it could not stand alone,
it rested high on angel wings
awaiting your trip home.

You slipped away, I held you close,
your soul flowed through my heart,
I felt your last breath through my tears
I felt your pain depart.

Tonight I looked up to the sky
and there for me to view
was one lone star shining bright
your name was shining too.

You were my angel on this earth,
you're my angel in the sky.
Wait for me, someday you'll see
our names shine side by side.

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Faith is like electricity. You can't see it, but you can see the light.
(Quote by Unknown)

The Silhouette
(Terri Onorato)

The silhouette stands boldly
at the end of the hallway
ears erect, eyes like jewels
the tail, it softly sways.

This wouldn't be the first time
I've seen her stand nearby,
her image clear as crystal
from the corner of my eye.

Her visits I don't share with some
who think I've went over and beyond
the grieving time they deem I need,
they say I should move on.

I sometimes pity people who
have never felt just cause
to share the bond between two souls,
one with hands and one with paws.

The silhouette reminds me
what the others say is wrong
for as long as breath goes through me
there exists our mighty bond.

When the Keeper calls me home
and the Bridge gates open wide
our bond will deepen ten fold
as we walk through side by side.

You see, I am the lucky one
as I've been truly blessed
for someday we'll walk together
as eternal silhouettes.

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Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in
spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.
(Quote by Saint Francis De Sales)

Hand and Paw
(Terri Onorato)

Today dear Lord please hear my prayer
as it echoes from my soul,
for it was but a short time ago
you called my Misty home.

She slipped from my hands into yours,
you welcomed her so lovingly
and candles glowed with holy warmth
as you placed upon her, angel wings.

Although the painful ache remains
and my tears still freely flow,
I can smile more at the memories now
than I could a year ago.

If I might so humbly Lord
ask You this favor please,
that with your awe-inspiring love,
give her a gentle kiss for me.

Let her know the day will come
when beyond the gate she'll see
the shadow of this mother's love
still holding tight to her heart strings.

A reunion like no other
will occur at Heaven's door
and we'll walk the fields of Rainbow Bridge
hand and paw, forever more.

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The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be
beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.
(Quote by Jean Paul Richter)

Heaven's Castle
(Terri Onorato)

High above the brilliant sun
a castle lies in wait
for every soul that angels bring
to Heaven's holy gate.

Footprints mark new spirits
who appeared the night before
and walked a golden pathway
leading to the castle door.

This trail entwines through gardens
where vivacious cherubs live,
and stardust ponds illuminate
the path 'cross Rainbow Bridge.

Where the Bridge and castle join
absorbed in candle glow,
the door stands proud to welcome those
who've made their journey Home.

This door is always open
and a gentle breeze runs through,
no lock prohibits entry,
and no curtain blocks the view.

Teddy bears adorn the clouds
where Bridgekids often sleep,
spent from days of happy play
and doing good Bridge deeds.

Praising wondrous rebirth
from the castle up above
the spirits and our Bridgekids
unite in holy love.

And when our time on earth is done
they'll meet us at the gate
and guide us over Rainbow Bridge
where Heaven's castle waits.

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Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
(Quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr)

A Brilliant Rainbow
(Terri Onorato)

High on whispered wings I fly,
a brilliant star, I light the sky.

Toward the sun I soar so free,
a brilliant rainbow follows me.

I pulsate through your very soul
and in my paws your heart I hold.

The day will come when you'll fly too,
I'll be here then to welcome you.

Until the time we meet again
I won't journey far my friend.

For in your love I live so free,
a brilliant rainbow guiding me.

She Waits for Me
(Terri Onorato)

Before the dawn of morning
on a hillside soft and green
I see a shadow in the mist
and know she waits for me.

The yellow moon her backdrop,
the stars above her glow,
her eyes illuminate the night
and beckon to my soul.

The softly veiled expanse that lies
between her world and mine
reveals a tiny ray of light
where hope eternal shines.

This tiny light of promise starts
where earth and heaven meet
and in her eyes I see that I
need only to believe.

A gentle breeze is escort to
the early morning dawn
and for the slightest moment then
we breathe the air as one.

A songbird greets the sunlight
rising high above the trees
and as her shadow joins the light
I know she waits for me.

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